Some helpful websites to help you explore the world of belly dance!

Dancers in Santa Barbara/Central Coast

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Belly Dance Shopping

Just started belly dancing? Don't know what to wear or where to get your "belly gear"? Check out the following websites:

Basic Costume Items:

  • L. Rose Designs - Great quality, custom fit basic belly dance items. Order in advance to make sure you get your items in time for your performance!
  • Turquoise International - Based in California. Great selection of belly dance items. Also carries professional costumes.
  • Moondance Belly dance  - Large selection of all things belly dance. Many selections of skirts.
  • Ebay - A very large variety available. Make sure you choose the right search words!

Professional Costumes:

  • Belly Dance Store - Based in Maryland, close to Baltimore. A huge selection of costumes, from beginner to pro-level costumes! Costumes trend towards Egyptian style.
  • Dahlal Internationale - A great selection of professional costumes! Costumes trend towards Egyptian style.
  • Bella - High end Turkish style professional costume