Upcoming Performances

    Belly Dancer of the Year 2019

    Date: Venue: Hillside Club

    I will be competing at Belly Dancer of the Year 2019 in Berkeley, CA! This is a wonderful event with many beautiful and talented dancers! Please come show your support!

    Website: http://www.bellydanceroftheyear.net/

    Performing at Zaytoon!

    Date: Venue: Zaytoon

    Performing 2~3 sets at the fantastic Zaytoon Restaurant! First set starts at 7pm! Come by for some delicious food and fun entertainment!

    Call 805-963-1293 for reservations! See you there!

    Kalinka and Dzhamala!

    Date: Venue: Soho Music Club

    Kalinka will be performing at Soho! There will be live music and dancing, presented by the Dzhamala! dance ensemble! More details to come…


Past Performances